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Transfer (Decals) or dekal' - it one of accessible technologies of causing of inscriptions on a model ( and not only). At the industrial mass production of inscription on a model inflicted through tampopechati. Naiboleee simple a method is causing of dekali. Technology of causing of dekali is very simple: on the special tape of nakleenoy on podlozhku ( usually paper) inflicted layer of paint. Further a picture is cut out to contoured and goes down in warm water in which tape moves away from podlozhki and 
 1. To purchase prepared dekal'. One inscription or thematic complete set. Attentively read an annotation to the commodity.
 2. To form own dekal', choosing inscriptions from already present. 
 3. To order development of unique dekali. All dekali is printed to the sublimation printer. A seal is possible a white color, by gold and silver foil.

Since February 2010. Any sign or label available in this section can be printed in ANY Scale. When ordering, specify in comments on what scale you want to get a decal.

Since July 2010, you can order a print color stripes for the models specifying only size and color.
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